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Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Dchel Valves

Dchel Valves

Girgaon, Mumbai
+91 86579 11405
Ball Valve Manufacturer
Total Export Experience (10+ Years)

Ball Valve Manufacture

Total Export Experience (10+ Years)

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Dchel Valves is a well-known Ball Valve Manufacturer in India in the Metal Market. Our range of products is available in various diameters, grades and sizes for different applications.

Ball Valve Manufacturer in India

Ball Valve

Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India

Butterfly Valve

Gate Valve Manufacturer in India

Gate Valve

Check Valve Manufacturer in India

Check Valve

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About Dchel Valves

Dchel Valves is a top Ball Valve Manufacturer in India. Our expertise lies in the manufacturing of various types of Ball Valve such as Two Piece Ball Valve, Three Piece Ball Valve, Fully Welded Ball Valve, etc as well as a diverse range of exceptional products, including Butterfly Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Safety Valve, Needle Valve, and more. As a well-known Ball Valve Manufacturer and Supplier in India, We have established a standard of excellence in terms of quality and dependability.

We are a leading Ball Valve Supplier in India. We deliver Valves of premium quality which matches the customer needs. Our Ball Valve goes under multiple testings such as Environmental Testing, Tensile Strength Testing, Corrosion Resistance Testing and others so that our customers receive Ball Valve of superior quality.


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MSME Certified


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Dchel Valves

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+91 86579 11405





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Specifications Available for Dchel Valves

These specifications include Grades, Dimensions, and Standard, which may help you to define Ball Valve as per your application.

Ball Valve Specifications
Size 40 MM TO 300 MM
Temperature -29°C — +180°C
Available Connection BSP/ BSPT/ NPT/ Flanged/ Welded
Nominal Pressure P10/PN16
Suitable Medium Water,Sewage,Seawater,Gas,Food,Oils,etc
Applications Water, Oil, Gas,
Operation Temperature -10°C~150°C

Available Ball Valve

Dchel Valves gained a reputation for supplying high-quality Ball Valve worldwide. Our large inventory includes various types of other products such as Two Piece Ball Valves, Three Piece Ball Valves, Fully Welded Ball Valve, Top Entry Ball Valve, etc.

Reasons for purchasing Ball Valve from Bhansali Steel
  1. We Keep the track of changing client needs and supply products that are high in demand.
  2. We maintain strict quality control standards to ensure product excellence. We offer a wide range of grades, which allow you to choose one of the best products as per your application.
  3. Dchel Valves provide technical support and guidance which help you to select the correct type of Ball Valve for your specific projects.

Ball Valve Dimension - Dchel Valves

Are you in search Ball Valve Dimension ? The Dimension of Ball Valve mention below.

Ball Valve Dimension
Main Dimensions (mm) Weight (kgs)
NPS L LB ∮d ∮D ∮D1 ∮D2 b f z-∮d1 H W RF BW
1/2" 108 140 13 90 60.3 35 9.6 2 4-16 55 130 2.3 1.8
3/4" 117 152 19 100 69.9 43 11.2 2 4-16 55 130 3.0 2.8
1" 127 165 25 110 79.4 51 12.7 2 4-16 70 160 4.5 3.7
1-1/2" 165 190 38 125 98.4 73 15.9 2 4-16 90 200 7.0 6.5
2" 178 216 49 150 120.7 92 17.5 2 4-19 105 350 9.5 8.5
2-1/2" 190 241 62 180 139.7 105 20.7 2 4-19 155 400 15 14
3" 203 283 74 190 152.4 127 22.3 2 4-19 165 500 19 21
4" 229 305 100 230 190.5 157 22.3 2 8-19 205 500 33 35
6" 394 457 150 280 241.3 216 23.9 2 8-22 255 600 93 98
8" 457 521 201 345 298.5 270 27.0 2 8-22 280 800 160 170
10" 533 559 252 405 362.0 324 28.6 2 12-25 345 800 200 225
12" 610 635 303 485 431.8 381 30.2 2 12-25 420 800 280 295

Perfect Ball Valve Weight Chart & Size Chart

The Weight Chart helps to choose perfect size and weight of Ball Valve. This Weight Chart include Diameter and Weight of Ball Valve .

Ball Valve Size Chart
Diameter, mm Weight, kg/m Cross-section area, mm2
5,5 0,187 23,8
6 0,222 28,3
6,5 0,260 33,2
7 0,302 38,5
8 0,395 50,3
9 0,499 63,6
10 0,617 78,5
11 0,746 95,0
12 0,888 113,0
14 1,210 154,0

Dchel Valves Your First Source for top Ball Valve

Dchel Valves is a popular Ball Valve Supplier, specialized in the manufacturing, supplying, and exporting high-quality Ball Valve designed for diverse sectors. Our Ball Valves are crafted using top-notch materials, renowned for their strength, durability, and exceptional corrosion resistance. Our unwavering commitment to customization sets us apart, guaranteeing that our customers receive Ball Valve meeting their unique specifications and demands.

Dchel Valves is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Supplier of a wide range of Ball Valve.

We are widely known for our superior strength, high finish, corrosion resistance, long lasting shine and accurate dimensions.

Our products are widely demanded in a variety of industries, such as Automotive Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, construction, and Refining Industry.

We offer a wide range of customize options, so customers can get the exact Ball Valve they need.

We are committed to providing top-quality products and services at a reasonable price.

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Leading Ball Valve Manufacturer in Mumbai, India

Dchel Valves adept a memorable achievement in the year 2022 by successfully distributing over 1 million high-quality Ball Valve to clients in more than 50+ countries across the globe.

Our resolute dedication to quality extends to our 24/7 customer service. We derive immense pleasure from providing the metal industry with superior-grade Ball Valves and Check Valve.

In 2022, Dchel Valves shipped over 1 million Ball Valve to customers in over 50+ countries worldwide.

Our products are used in a variety of industries, including Pharmaceuticals Industry, Chemical & electronics, Automotive Industry, and manufacturing.

Dchel Valves has gained a reputation for consistently establishing industry benchmarks regarding product innovation and ensuring utmost client satisfaction.

Dchel Valves Supply Ball Valve Products in Various USA Cities:

Dchel Valves is one of the top Ball Valve Supplier in India. We offer high-quality Ball Valve at affordable prices. We have sales representatives in many important cities which helps you to choose the right products.

Cities We Supply
Cities We Supply
New York Chicago Los Angeles San Diego San Francisco
Seattle Dallas Houston Austin Phoenix

Customer Testimonials for Dchel Valves

We always receive quality work from Dchel Valves. We are very pleased with their quality and service.

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a Ball Valve from a reputed supplier, their on time delivery is impressive.

I bought Ball Valve, and it works great! They deliverd the superior quality of Ball Valve with affordable price.

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